a handmade toy “Conveyor belt sushi restaurant kit”

I played with a handmade kit with my son who loves conveyor belt sushi restaurants. I made a report of how I enjoyed playing with my 4-year-old son.
Eat with family

Hokkaido chanchan salmon with octopus seaweed vinegar [surimi/kamaboko]

Hokkaido chanchan salmon is a local dish of Hokkaido in Japan. On the other hand, Octopus and wakame seaweed vinegar is used 'surimi like crab stick' from this kamaboko (surimi).
Reasonable life

Choose an dining chair that suits your family’s physique and height

Our dining table is 60 cm. I chose the Eames chair that meets the height of the seat that matches this. However, the condition is that it suits the physique of each family member. This is the first and last replacement. However, my son is only 3 years old. Therefore, I also considered that it can be used as it grows.
Reasonable life

I felt that it was time to teach me how to use bar soap

Can your child use bar soap correctly? It's time to teach how to use bar soap …. Until now, my son's bathing was left to my husband.
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Potato salad with potato’s skin [kidney disease diet]

I was worried about potassium, so I boil the vegetables well. I crushed the May queen with the skin on.
Eat with family

Fried chicken thighs and sauteed shimeji mushrooms

Deep-fried chicken thighs is one of my husband's favorite meals.