Reasonable life

In this category, I will share the ideas that my family thinks that are useful for rational life and how to select items. Please review the storage space and use it as a reference before shopping for consumables and daily necessities, or when purchasing new furniture.

About Chihiro’s way of thinking and lifestyle

This way of thinking is related to my personality and lifestyle as follows.

  • I just want to have as many things as my family needs
  • As a transfer family, I want to have furniture that will settle down in any floor plan

    How to find the best points of my family

    The method of finding the points of my family differs depending on the item, but we are generally found in the light of the following two indicators.

    • Degree of inconvenience that occurs when the person uses it
    • High functionality that the person wants from the item

      I tried to paraphrase the word “appeal” in advertising work and product development work for home use. In this category, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis are the above two, and we will find the points that consider the rational life of my family.


      In this way, my family does not look for compromises, but decides on storage shelves and daily necessities and consumables by looking for points. This allows everyone to comfortably share daily necessities and consumables without having to put up with it.

      There are so many things in Japan today. Even if you have different generations, genders, hobbies, and tastes, you will surely find goods and items that will reach the passing score of each family member. We can find storage shelves and furniture that can be used for a long time even if your son grows up, even if the floor plan changes like the Chihiro’s family. Take a peek at how my family builds a “reasonable life” and find items that your whole family can share.

Reasonable life

Choose an dining chair that suits your family’s physique and height

Our dining table is 60 cm. I chose the Eames chair that meets the height of the seat that matches this. However, the condition is that it suits the physique of each family member. This is the first and last replacement. However, my son is only 3 years old. Therefore, I also considered that it can be used as it grows.
Reasonable life

I felt that it was time to teach me how to use bar soap

Can your child use bar soap correctly? It's time to teach how to use bar soap …. Until now, my son's bathing was left to my husband.

Category introduction

I will introduce the category outline for those who visit for the first time.
Reasonable life

My family’s Emergency kit

it’s possible that tsunami will hit my house when an earthquake happens.