Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

In this category “Kidney disease diet recipe”, recipes for kidney disease diet for my husband with chronic renal failure (G4 to G5) are published. It was in 2020 that my husband was diagnosed with “chronic kidney disease.” Taking this opportunity, the nutritionist gave me nutritional guidance on a kidney disease diet. Under the guidance, I chose ingredients and foods. And I changed the cooking method. The recipe is completely my original, but it wouldn’t be possible without the guidance of his doctor, the conservative therapy, and the dietitian’s teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

About kidney disease food recipes-See also the menu in the middle of the month of lack of money

I’m Chihiro. This is a recipe for a kidney disease diet that her husband made for chronic kidney disease. It is high in protein and limits salt and potassium. Before the payday, you may not be able to use a satisfactory type of ingredients because you are making with the ingredients left in the refrigerator. However, even if we are short of money, I try to make a recipe that is high in protein and low in salt and potassium. By the way, my husband hasn’t been on dialysis yet under the guidance of a doctor who is willing to preserve kidney function. He has no restrictions on phosphorus intake (as of July 2021).

About nutritional composition table

You’re most interested in it, right? We will update it from time to time, so please be patient.

Chihiro’s diet for kidney disease

A nutritionist has instructed me to start a diet for chronic renal failure at home. The ingredients are based on the recommended daily intake for an adult male in his late 30s, and nutritional guidance is given according to my husband’s medical condition.

  • Estimated intake of protein for husband is 20g per meal
  • Estimated daily intake of salt is 5.5g (review of seasonings and cooking methods used)
  • Refrain from potassium intake (review of ingredients and cooking methods used)
  • To prevent complications of heart failure, the daily water content is around 1.5L (review of menu)

Note: Progress has been made in renal function and salt intake.

(As of July 2021) It was a year ago that my husband’s chronic kidney disease was discovered. He was diagnosed with Stage G5 when my husband was hospitalized for testing a year ago. See his medical history later on this page for more on this process. He has also eaten snacks such as sweets and snacks. I knew this too, and I made the menu by setting the salt intake for the menu of 3 meals a day to 3g a day at my own discretion. However, my husband recently lost his appetite and stopped eating snacks. For this reason, recipes published after July 2021 have been changed and adjusted so that 5.5 g per day can be taken under the guidance of a dietitian.

About the medical history and current situation of the Chihiro’s husband (as of July 2021)

Below is my husband’s medical history. He has been regularly ordered by his company to move to a place of business outside the prefecture. In addition, he has been transferred to another hospital due to his transfer, and he has changed the house where his whole family lives. In this topic, I will tell you about his background.

  • First hospital: Around 2011 (28 years old)
    My husband was diagnosed with “diabetic nephropathy”. Although his condition was still relatively mild, we started a diet for “diabetic nephropathy.”
  • Second hospital: Around 2014 (31 years old)
    His workplace has changed and his hospital has changed. At his second hospital, he is diagnosed with “type 2 diabetes.” At the first visit, “diabetic nephropathy” was getting worse. He had received nutritional guidance in the first hospital, but he received nutritional guidance again and decided to continue his diet at his home.
  • Third hospital: Around 2019 (36 years old)
    His workplace changed and he changed hospitals. When he sees a doctor because of his upset, he is diagnosed with symptoms of “congestive heart failure.”
  • Third hospital: Around 2020 (37 years old)
    His third hospital confirmed that the symptoms of “congestive heart failure” had recurred. Like last year, it was the rainy season when the humidity was high. However, the treatment for him was the same as last year. Therefore, Chihiro offered to have the examination done at the general hospital with which his third hospital is affiliated.
  • 4th hospital: Around 2020 (37 years old)
    His “congestive heart failure” was diagnosed as a complication of “chronic kidney disease” by a general hospital examination. The stage of renal function is G5. Immediately he was admitted to the laboratory. At the same time, he and I received nutritional guidance on diet at home. The attending physician is willing to use conservative therapy, and will not perform dialysis in the near future, but will maintain renal function through medication and diet.
  • 4th hospital: As of July 2021 (38 years old)
    He is continuing treatment by internal medicine and cardiology at his fourth general hospital. His post-discharge examination has shown no abnormalities in his heart so far. According to his doctor, his renal function is stable and stage G4. At the time of her admission, his renal function may have declined to stage G5. Apart from his medication, he will continue to adjust his hydration and eat with the kidney disease recipes introduced on this site. The other day, in the process of her disability pension, the name of her disease, “chronic kidney disease,” which he received a year ago, was changed to “chronic renal failure.”

About the transition of disease names and site titles and thumbnails

As mentioned above, the name of my husband’s disease has changed from “diabetic nephropathy” to “chronic kidney disease” to “chronic renal failure.” I think his disease name and his condition will continue to change, so I would like to report on the current situation on this page in the future.

The title and thumbnail of the site have been changed to the current name of “chronic renal failure” after chronic kidney disease.

Where the gears mesh and start spinning

My husband adjusts by adjusting water and refraining from snacks that he has liked so far, and he is supported by diet therapy and his doctors are supported by medication based on the idea of ​​conservative therapy. It wasn’t until I received the 4th general hospital that various things, such as his work and his compatibility with doctors, finally began to move in the same direction. This was an opportunity, and now I have calmed down a little. In retrospect, the angry workplace changes and her overcrowding since 2011 have alleviated a little because he became a mid-career employee and settled in a managerial position.”Health first,” which we couldn’t prioritize until now, is now beginning to come true.

Unfortunately, however, renal function does not improve and eventually becomes inadequate. Sooner or later, all humans are the same.

Currently, according to the policy of the attending physician, we are watching the situation without dialysis immediately, but it is almost certain that he will perform dialysis in the near future.Neither I nor the doctor give up because it is a waste to not be able to preserve his kidney function.

Those who want to know how to cook and how to choose ingredients / foods

The recipe will include cooking methods and nutrients for one adult. Throughout the recipe, the points to consider in the diet for chronic renal failure are summarized separately as follows.

  1. For those who want to know the ingredients and foods that Chihiro often uses for the menu of kidney disease food
    How to choose ingredients and foods that are useful for menus of chronic kidney disease (chronic renal failure)
  2. For those who want to know how to cook when Chihiro makes a kidney disease diet
    Cooking methods for families with chronic kidney disease (chronic renal failure)
  3. For those who want to know the seasonings used by Chihiro
    Seasonings & how to use them【chronic kidney disease (chronic renal failure)】

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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Chihiro's kidney disease diet recipe

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