a handmade toy “Conveyor belt sushi restaurant kit”


My son loves conveyor belt sushi restaurants. To play with such a son, I made a “conveyor belt sushi restaurant kit”. If you use this, you can be a sushi restaurant or a customer. You can make it with just a milk carton, origami paper, and glue or tape that glues them together. It also appears in the video I introduced on YouTube. I went to my son’s favorite rotating sushi restaurant [playing pretend] In this video, I play the scenery of eating at the counter, but my son When playing with, the story was developed under the initiative of my son due to the relationship between the clerk and the customer. In this way, I have compiled a report on how I played with my 4-year-old son, so please have a look.

My 4-year-old son can become a sushi restaurant general

My son, who turned four, began to want to speak in adult language. I remember hearing other children using adult-like language before giving birth, and my mother often said, “Don’t let me do it!”, But now my son is at that time! There are times when a small child can’t stand it and blows out because he talks about anything with the adult’s inflection. However, even though I’m afraid, I’ll do my best to convey it, so it’s also smiling.

When such he plays a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, he will welcome you from the counter as a sushi restaurant general. First of all, when I pass through the goodwill, he will say “Welcome!” And guide me to “Please come here.” And when you get to your seat, they serve tea.

And he treats me as if I came to a high-class sushi restaurant at the counter, asking, “Customers, what should I do?” ??

Take the ordered grip to the rail

When my son receives an order, he puts his sushi on a plate and puts it on the rails. I ate the tuna that was brought by the rails. My son is satisfied when I say, “Tuna is the best.” And my son said, “This is today’s recommended menu.” And offered me the salmon roe gunkanmaki. Because my son loves salmon roe gunkanmaki.

If I eat all the food, I will pay. This is the most important!

Once I’ve eaten all the food, it’s finally time to check out. When I call out to my son, “General, please meet me,” he returns “Aiso?” (Laughs). He says, “It’s the store’s cash register,” and shows the price list of the plates on the back of the sword. And I bring a calculator. I will do the calculation. But my son is watching with me. Even if I can’t do it right now, I think it’s important to show it. Because even at the store’s bill, the son, along with his parents, bought and remembered sweets from his own wallet.

On the other hand, I think that at a sushi restaurant, you can enjoy learning how to do clerical accounting. Because, when paying at the cash register, it is necessary to collate the money, the displayed price of the machine, and the amount of the receipt. It may be done in compulsory education in Japan in the future. However, collating numbers with things is often used in everyday life. When I was little, I decided to try it using the “price list corresponding to the pattern of the plate” that I often see at Japanese sushi restaurants.

It may be early, but if I can calmly collate like this, I think that even if my son goes on to elementary school, it will be useful for personal belongings management and calm behavior, so I am serious. It is working.

Summary: I was happy to hear my son’s “Please come here” when he visited.

The other day, when I invited a car dealer to my house, his son was guiding me at the front door saying “Please come here”. I was surprised that the words were very natural, and at the same time I was very happy. When I hugged my son a lot and praised him a lot, he looked very happy and happy … I also told my son, “That’s how you can use what you have learned.”

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