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I’m Chihiro. This page is a guide to this site and introduces a category overview for first-time visitors. More details are available on each category page. The link of the category page is also posted, so please see here first.

About categories

This site has the following categories.

  • “Kidney disease food recipe” category
  • “Reasonable life” category
  • “craft” category
  • “Find out” category

About “Kidney disease food recipe” category

Kidney disease food recipe category

Chihiro’s husband has chronic kidney disease (stages G4 to G5).
Introducing the recipe that was born from the diet for that purpose. It’s too wasteful for me to have a note on my own, so I decided to share it with you. If you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or your family has chronic kidney disease, please take a look. Of course, the same is true for people with chronic renal failure.

The recipes presented in this category are based on nutritional management according to her husband’s physical condition and medical condition. If there is a change in the medical condition or nutritional management policy, I will report it later on the category page below, but regarding the recipe, even if the husband’s nutritional guidance policy is changed, I will not update it, so please note this point. Please see after understanding.

It’s been a year since I started making kidney disease food for my husband, but since I’m an amateur, I went back and forth at first.
Meanwhile, thanks to the guidance and advice of my doctor and nutritionist, I have finally begun to understand the tips for making menus.

I’m tired of 10 years of diet and I’m lonely so I’ll share it

In fact, I have been providing dietary support for my husband’s diabetic condition for the past 10 years. It means 10 years before my husband was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

In the meantime, one year ago, in 2020, when the symptoms of heart failure appeared, it was “chronic kidney disease” that was discovered by requesting a detailed examination at another general hospital.

With this diagnosis, the policy of medication treatment and diet therapy has been renewed to the present.

After being diagnosed with “chronic kidney disease” for a year, my husband himself said, “I got something that was stuck somewhere.” He goes to the hospital with a radiant feeling. He wasn’t simply reliant on the new diagnosis, he seemed to have doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment for the original diagnosis of “diabetes.”

On the other hand, I’m a little tired. However, even if I confess my tiredness, the situation does not change and it is not rational, so I decided to share the recipe. Of course, I know her husband is the hardest, but how lonely her family was, not understood by her peers.

So, it would be encouraging if you could give me your candid opinions about this category in the comments section. Comments are approved to protect the security of the site and will not be reflected immediately, but if you are willing to publish it, please leave a message.

About the “Reasonable-life” category

Reasonable-life category

In my house, I want to minimize the management effort of what I put in my house.
Especially consumables, furniture around desks, closet storage, etc.
I want to keep my head clean by reducing the time and effort required for maintenance such as cleaning and replenishment.
It is a useful idea for transferees when packing and carrying in, so please have a look!

About the “craft” category

craft category

This site sells blueprints for crafts (in preparation).
In this category, I will introduce how to assemble blueprints.
Regarding the materials to be prepared other than papers, I would like to select the material that can be burned together with papers in response to the recent SDG’s. Please see the actual product information for this as well.

I have also posted an article for those who are worried about garbage separation.

About the “Find out” category

Find out category

I will find out from scratch what I want to know.
As a sole proprietor, I write about researching taxes. As the number of articles grows, I’m probably subdividing the categories.

Disclosure of what I have looked up is my asset

As you can see in the headline, I feel that publishing what I have researched is a good or bad asset for me. This is something I think of both those who are on fire on social media and sites, and those who have succeeded in self-producing.

The only thing I can say is that once the words you send are spread on the Web, it is difficult to completely erase them. It’s easy to think of this as “overconfidence in your influence,” but I don’t think so. I think that the flames will occur when the attitude of communicating with the intention of distinguishing facts and opinions while keeping in mind easy-to-understand is broken.

Also, on the Internet, words and opinions that are convenient for others are spread for the convenience of others and may be used in unintended places. Knowing this, I feel that it is necessary to be prepared to send it.

I have used SNS as a bystander so far. And I wrote it down in my notebook so that only I could see what I had investigated. But from now on, I decided to send it while considering these things.

Summary: I want to show my child the attitude of investigating the facts

The purpose of launching this site is to show my son the attitude of investigating the facts. I want to continue until my son grows up.

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