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About This Site

Our site is called “Transfer Family Living Research new (” (hereinafter referred to as “this site”).

About the analytics services we have introduced

This site uses the following tools and services to deliver content that will satisfy our visitors.


Visitor interests and trends are collected and converted into log data.
The feature of cookies is that past visit history is accumulated. This is a measure of what content the same visitor was interested in in the past.
Thanks to this mechanism, you can send the content of this site as useful to more people.


On our site, Pinterest’s “Save Pins” allow visitors to easily save images.
Reference: Save Pins with Pinterest Browser Buttons

When a visitor saves a pin, information such as the visitor’s IP address is automatically sent to Pinterest.
On this site, you can know the direction of content that is useful to visitors by introducing this system.
If you are uncertain about the details of “log data” handled by Pinterest, please see below.
Reference: Technical information we collect from users of Pinterest services

Ad serving with Google AdSense

There is an ad serving space throughout this site.
This space will properly post ads served by Google Adsense Se.
Third-party distributors, such as Google, use cookies to serve ads that match your site’s content as well as your tastes and preferences.
At this time, Google uses advertising cookies to strive to place appropriate ads based on information about this site and other sites that visitors have visited in the past.

Ads served using this mechanism are called “personalized ads,” but visitors can also disable personalized ads. This method can be set from the screen “ Advertising Settings “.
Alternatively, you can disable personalized advertising by visiting / choices / and disabling the cookies of third-party publishers used for personalized advertising.

As you can see from this, if you have enabled the placement of ads by third party distribution , Cookies of third-party distributors and advertising networks may be used at the time of advertisement distribution.


Amazon Associate

This site “Transfer Family Living Research new” is an affiliate program set up for the purpose of providing a means for the site to earn referral fees by promoting and linking to, Amazon Associate. I am a participant in the program.

Rakuten affiliate

This site uses the Rakuten affiliate program.
This site provides content and promotes it.
For that purpose, they may obtain information from visitors to the site, set cookies in the browser, and recognize them.

Value commerce

The products introduced in the articles on this site have a “Yahoo! Shopping” button.
By linking with the advertisement distribution service “ValueCommerce”, it is possible to access Yahoo! Shopping and display the stores that sell specific products.

In ValueCommerce, they are gradually restricting or removing third-party tracking (ITP and cookies) that they have used to measure the performance of advertisements.
Behind this is the fact that Apple and Google have declared that third-party tracking will be phased out from the perspective of personal information.
In response to this, ValueCommerce does not collect device information of Apple or Google, but only measures the results.
If the browser used by the user is different when the user clicks and when the order is placed, the order will be measured by estimating whether or not they are the same device using “device estimation technology (device fingerprint)” Some advertisers may not be eligible.

In addition, they will not link it with personal information or use it for secondary purposes such as targeting advertisement distribution.

About using comment form

About using comment form

When a visitor uses a comment, we will record the visitor’s name and the IP address of your device.
In this record of personal information, if a spam attack using the comment form is made, it will be used only to identify the attacking party.
Therefore, please be assured that the personal information of the person who saw the posted article and shared the opinion will not be leaked to the outside by other means.

Created: June 7, 2021
Operator: Chihiro

Updated: August 8, 2021
Operator: Chihiro