I felt that it was time to teach me how to use bar soap


Can your child use bar soap correctly? It’s time to teach how to use bar soap …. Until now, my son’s bathing was left to my husband. My husband is a body soap sect, I don’t care about the convenience of use. And when I took a shower with my son for the first time in a long time, I learned that my son couldn’t wash his body with soap bar. The soap slides off his hands and he uses the soap again to put it on the dish without rinsing his foamy hands after washing. After that, it seems that her husband has not taught him the act of preparing it neatly for the next person. I thought this wasn’t good, so I decided to take a bath with my son for a while.

Son who is comfortable holding soap in his hands immediately after washing

Suddenly, what do you do when you wash your hips with a body towel? Some people may say that it is directly with a body towel, but I wash it with the foam I have on my hands, rinse it once, and then use the body towel. Because I don’t like different types of stains on body towels.

Just a few days ago, I took a bath with my son. I told him, “Would you like to wash your buttocks first?” And handed him a bar of soap. Before I wash with a body towel, I scrub my butt with a lathered hand. I also encouraged my son to wash his buttocks with foam on his hands.

Then, he wasn’t good at foaming, so it seemed that he wanted more foam, so he tried to foam again with soap while rubbing his butt …!! I shouted in my heart, “Stop it !!” But at the same time, I realized that I had few opportunities to teach how to handle bar soap. I thought I had to improve this as a parent. Just two days ago, I was teaching that “I’ll have soap after rinsing my hands.” I was keenly aware of our responsibility not to teach my son (3 years old) how to use it.

Recently, I only see liquid or foam pumps in public facilities.

When I went to the restrooms of public facilities such as gardens and shrines, there used to be a lot of bar soap in the restrooms, but nowadays, isn’t it a foam pump or liquid soap?

I don’t feel the virtue of nostalgia for the past, and it’s a rational thing, but it’s no longer used. I feel the significance of using bar soap because I think it’s a waste.

Paper soap often seen in stores after the spread of the new coronavirus infection

The paper soap I introduced in the disaster prevention article, I carry it with me wherever I go. It’s fun to foam when the paper gets wet, and it’s just fun to play with my son.

We recognize that such paper soap became a standard item at 100-yen shops and home improvement stores in Japan after the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Nowadays, I see portable gel soaps and spray types, but paper soap was the first to appear. Why did paper soap begin to be placed in stores?

Isn’t it because paper soap is light and has less water like bar soap and can be carried in a dry state? Thanks to that, there is less worry about mold. Because of these characteristics, it is easy to carry around, and I think it is attracting attention in the world where hygiene is important. It may be a retrofit. Some of these properties of paper soap are similar to those of bar soap. I think it is more suitable for disaster prevention goods than liquid soap.

5 benefits that I think it is better to use bar soap

I think it’s better to use bar soap. The four points are maintenance of hygiene, low running cost, ease of management, wrapping paper, and ease of use in the event of a disaster.

①Hygiene can be maintained

Bar soap has less water and there is less concern about the growth of germs. I definitely recommend bar soap because it can be used up once with highly portable paper soap.

②Low running cost

What I want from bar soap is not the low price but the “low running cost”. I would like to use it if there is something that can be expensive. Compared to liquid soap and foam pump, it is less likely to be consumed if it is solid. I would like to choose bar soap for the same price.

③Easy to manage

I buy a refill for the liquid soap and foam pump from the second one and refill it in the main body bottle. It shouldn’t be a problem for those who always buy new pumps. However, if you are a refiller like me, you may be concerned about the dirt inside the main body bottle. Furthermore, there is a concern that water will remain in the pump of the main body bottle and it will be difficult to completely dry it before use. For portable liquid soaps, it is easier to use dry paper soap because it is not necessary to disassemble and wash the container on a regular basis.

I also tried a method of blowing off the water in the pump by blowing it with air. To be honest, using bar soap with your family will save you time as a cleaner.

④Simple wrapping paper with minimal dust

In most cases, the material for individual wrapping of bar soap is paper or plastic, which minimizes dust. Liquid soaps and foam pumps, on the other hand, are bulky when throwing away the pump. In Japan, shopping bags are charged, so the larger the garbage, the larger the area occupied by the garbage bags. PET bottles can be evacuated, and cans can be crushed into small pieces, but liquid soap and foam pump containers are not so easy.

⑤I feel that bar soap will play an active role in the event of a disaster.

The other day, I wrote an article about disaster prevention. And I thought, “By the way, if we are affected by the disaster, we may use more bar soap.” I have never escaped to a shelter or been in a disaster area, but I thought that bar soap would be easier to manage, less likely to be consumed, less trash, and more versatile in the event of a disaster. As with the paper soap I mentioned earlier, I think that there will be occasions when one soap is reused with people from different households as a hygiene product in an emergency. I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t like to touch the bar soap in the toilets of public facilities, but if there is no liquid soap or foam pump in the evacuation center, it can’t be helped. In preparation for that time, I thought that I should lower the level of awareness that I am not good at sharing bar soap.

Summary: Article introduction

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