Choose an dining chair that suits your family’s physique and height


I’ve always wanted a chair that can get a passing score on factors such as child growth, family physique differences, interiors, home atmosphere, and uses!

I had a hard time until I could say “This is it!”, But finally the direction was decided, and the Chihiro family decided to choose “Eames Chair”. Even if you choose chairs from different manufacturers for each family, isn’t it good for Eames chairs to have chairs with similar colors and textures?

Currently, my son is about to reach the age of four, and his height is growing remarkably these days. At this time, I am trying to buy a new chair in my house. And if I buy a new one this time, I will continue to use it even when my son grows up. In other words, this is the last replacement by purchase.

In this article, we will share our commitment points and passing scores, which are particular about chairs. After that, I chose the Eames chair that can be convinced by each family, so I will introduce it.

Our points for dining chairs

  • Husband: I like the rotary type, and the armchair type is even better. The load capacity is 100 kg or more, and the height of the seat is about 40 cm because the thighs are thick (according to the height of the table)
  • Chihiro: Good for customers, good cushioning because bones hit the chair, good for round chairs because it stands up, leather that is easy to clean is good
  • Son: A type that does not rotate is good, I want a seat height of about 45 cm, and a round chair with a strong spine is good

As you can see, our family has a large difference in body size, so we found that each has a different comfortable chair. Especially for my 3-year-old son, I had to consider being able to sit down even when I grew up. By the way, I came to the conclusion that the height of the seat of her husband’s chair should be about 40 cm because her husband’s thighs are a little over 20 cm thick and the table height is 60 cm. It is the result of back calculation.

Based on the above results, we would like to introduce the Eames chair that seems to be the best for our dining.

Eames chair candidates and cushions that are perfect for our dining table

The Eames chairs you can see from now on will be useful for homes with a dining table height of about 60 cm. We also consider cost performance and ease of cleaning, so please have a look! For my son, the pelvis is not slippery, and I also choose cushions that remain fluffy all the time.

My husband’s “Rotary x Armchair” was not found.

My husband is limited to Eames chairs that have a good width and meet the conditions of a load capacity of 100 kg or more. In addition, her husband has thicker thighs than I and my son. Therefore, it is too narrow unless the seat surface is lowered by this amount from the height of the table. Translated into the formula, it can be expressed as “height 60 cm-20 thighs = chair seat 40 cm”. For this reason, my husband’s Eames chair was chosen to have a seat height of around 40 cm.

However, I could not find a “rotary armchair type” that meets these requirements in the Eames chair. Of course, there are many rotary armchairs on the market, but some of them have a small load capacity and the height of the seat does not match. Therefore, I decided to ask my husband to choose either “rotary” or “armchair type” Eames chair.

Chihiro has entered two candidates, a shell chair type and a lounge chair type with cushioning properties.

I’m slender, so I chose two round chair types that have cushioning properties that don’t hurt even when I sit down.

Select a lounge type that does not sit deeply for your 4-year-old son

For my son, who is turning 4 years old, the shell chair makes me feel deep in my waist and it seems that my posture is not good, so I chose the Eames chair with consideration for my posture (the posture is based on personal observation). I wonder if this point can be solved by choosing the lounge chair type …? If you want to make a general shell chair, choose one with cushions. In short, I buy the same one I chose for my son. By doing this, I will prevent the buttocks from sinking.

Summary of dining chairs & news of the next “work desk chair”

Stool type Eames chair is so cute! That’s why I want to keep it everywhere in my house. Our family is oriented towards folding everything that can be folded. Ordinary Eames chairs can’t be folded or even stacked, so don’t you think you would choose multiple such Eames chairs? I am captivated by the stool type. I think the number of chairs will increase in the future.

Next time, I will introduce the chairs carefully selected for work desk chairs. As for this, each family has their own tastes and necessary shapes, so I chose it carefully. Bench for entrance, housework table such as ironing, chair for PC desk, kids chair … It was an opportunity for us to realize that we are thinking about the interior with an emphasis on chairs. Please take a look.